Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

It is no secret that homes require a lot of maintenance. No matter how large or small the home is, and no matter how the house is being used, a regular maintenance schedule is crucial to holding on the value and comfort that the residential property provides. Here at United PM Services, our maintenance contractors are experienced in many different types of maintenance tasks.

Whether the residential maintenance services that you require are one-time tasks or scheduled maintenance schedules, interior or exterior, having to do with construction or grounds work, we can help keep your residential property in tip-top shape.

Cleaning is a vital part of keeping up with maintenance and our cleaning services cover everything from exterior surfaces to worksites to garages to kitchen appliances and everything in between. Our cleaning contractors are experts in all kinds of cleaning tasks and they can easily take care of any cleaning project that you have.

We also have residential maintenance services focused on windows and doors, hardware, cabinets and cupboards, woodwork and carpentry features, basic plumbing and electrical, lawn care and more.

Painting services are essential in any maintenance schedule and if taken care of on a regular basis the cost and the size of the job never get out of control. Repairs, touch-ups, and additional layers of same-color paint can make a big difference in the longevity of a painted surface. The same is true for stain as it does wonders both for the resilience and look of wooden features like gazebos, fences, and porches.

 These are just a few examples of the residential maintenance services that we offer. For more information, contact our maintenance contractors to learn how we can keep your property looking and working great.

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