Cost/Price match

Cost/Price match

When you come to United PM Services for either residential or commercial service solutions, you can rest assured that the prices that are quoted are always at or below the market standard. Our cost contractors know what jobs should cost and never quote more than what a particular service is worth, so overpaying at United PM Services is never something that our customers have to concern themselves with.

One of the more exciting parts of our pricing system is that we feature an automatic crawl. This cost automation tool crawls the web in search of all our competitor’s prices and if there are prices out there that are better than ours, we adjust our prices accordingly. In fact, our cost automation tool is helpful for two main tasks. The first is that it crawls competitors for the average cost for projects. The second job is to crawl competitors for the lowest price available for virtually every project type imaginable.

Using our tool is just as helpful for our customers as it is for us. Our customers love it because they know that they will always get the best prices for the services they require. We find it useful because it helps us keep up with the constantly changing landscape of home improvement and commercial services. With the advancements of new technologies, materials, equipment, and practices, prices are always in flux and we follow their movements very carefully so that we can provide the best for the fairest prices.

Whatever type of service you require, we can do it for you for less. Feel free to contact our cost contractors after you have done some shopping around and we will be happy to speak with you about the prices you have been quoted.

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