Painting Services

Painting Services

Here at United PM Services, we use all the latest painting services technology and techniques to ensure a long-lasting beautiful result. We are professional painters. We are a team of Experience Painting Contractors serving Bloomington, IL, and the surrounding area.

Our painting services are all-inclusive, and our interior home or surfaces service covers just about everything inside of a home, whether that be small projects like single walls, full rooms, or specific features such as porcelain surface painting for a bathtub or other bath or kitchen surface. We can also refinish or reglaze the trim sink to make it look like new.  How much does it cost to paint the interior of a 1000 or 2000 square foot house?

Our specialty painting services are also in high demand as we are able to bring our artistic touch out in our work. Creating unique faux finishes and textures, or a one-of-kind mural or Tromp l’oeil is a service we offer with pride.

Many of our customers come to us looking for ideas concerning painting or staining, we offer services for both painting and staining and it is important to know the difference between the two: Painting is the best solution when one wishes to apply a coat of color to a surface that is uniform and covers the surface completely, while stain is best for situations when the natural look and feel of the surface should be maintained (such as wood or stone). While stain has numerous applications, many of our customers are especially curious about it when they are planning work on a fence, deck or patio, especially when a resurface or reface is being planned.

Our Painting & Staining Services:

  • Paint or stain walls or featuresPainting Services
  • Ceiling painting or staining
  • Deck Staining or Painting
  • Doors Painting or Staining
  • Fireplace Painting or Staining
  • Paneling Painting or Staining
  • Siding Painting or Staining
  • Fence painting
  • Residencial Interior & Exterior painting

We are a team of Experience Painting Contractors serving Bloomington, IL and surounding area. We offer a variety of painting services; Interior Painters. Pantry Painting Services. Kitchen Painting. Bathroom Painting. Bedroom Painting. Garage Painting Services. Living Room Painting. Exteriors. Cabinet Painting. Decks & Fences painting services.
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All our installation and repair work is carried out in a quality-driven and timely manner, so you never have to worry about how the finished product is going to turn out.
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