Here at United PM Services, our lawn care services cater to both residential and commercial customers. It is no secret that a lawn that is well cared for makes a huge impact on the overall appearance and desirability of the property.

Whether the property you need lawn care services for is your own home, a rental property, or commercial site, keeping the lawn and other external features in top condition is always in your best interest. Our lawn care services will certainly bring out the best in your lawn.

Among our various lawn care services are mowing, watering, and aerating. We can come and take care of your lawn as a one-time task or you can schedule us for regular visits for a more long-term solution. For many of our long-term clients, mowing & snow removal is a popular choice.

We can take care of the lawn care in the warmer months as well as maintaining it in the winter months. As part of our mowing & snow removal service, we also make sure that all walkways and driveways are properly cleared of excess snow and ice to keep your property looking great and safe.

Another service that we package with our lawn care service is gutter cleaning. While most of our customers request this service in the fall months when gutters easily fill up with leaves and other debris from trees, it is not at all uncommon for us to be called out for gutter cleaning on a regular basis as a part of a broader maintenance schedule.

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