Small Businesses & Corporate Offices

Small Businesses & Corporate Offices

Here at United PM Services, we have a wide range of services designed to take the stress out of the maintenance and repair work in the small business and corporate offices space. Time and resources are often hard to come by in small business and corporate settings, and the last thing that you should be worried about is how your repair and maintenance tasks are going to be handled.

Our small businesses commercial services are as varied as the businesses we work with and whether you have a job that is large or small contractors specializing in what you need are always just a phone call, or a few clicks away.

We can handle everything from simple assembly tasks to remodels to complete renovations to maintenance and everything in between.

Some of our most popular small businesses commercial services are focused around general repairs and maintenance. We can keep plumbing and electrical systems up to date, keep the interior and exterior wall surfaces looking great, repair and install flooring of many different types, take care of your commercial carpentry needs, assemble furniture and other necessary small business features, and much more.

We also have drywall and insulation contractors who are skilled at building partitions and additional rooms, as well as repairing any problems with existing drywall and insulation. Our contractors are also HVAC certified and can handle the heating, ventilation, and cooling needs for businesses of all sizes.

If you are in need of any of the small businesses commercial services we offer, contact us today so that we can set-up a meeting and get on the road too solving your repair or maintenance needs.

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