Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

It is no secret that commercial properties require a lot of maintenance. No matter how large or small the apartment complex or division is, and no matter how the office buildings are being used, a regular maintenance schedule is crucial to holding on the value and comfort that the commercial property provides. Here at United PM Services, our maintenance contractors are experienced in many different types of maintenance tasks.

We offer the Best Property Maintenance Services and as a property manager, you should understand that property maintenance services serve two groups of people that you should think of as your customers:

  1. Maintenance and renovation services for investors and owners help maintain property value and reduce risks.
  2. Maintenance services for tenants help keep them satisfied and make it possible to maximize rents, reduce turnover, and hopefully, attract better renters.

As a property manager, you win by reducing your workload and the chance of errors or overlooked maintenance issues. When you can work more efficiently, everybody involved benefits.

Whether the commercial maintenance services that you require are one-time tasks or scheduled maintenance schedules, interior or exterior, having to do with construction or grounds work, we can help keep your commercial property in tip-top shape.

Cleaning is a vital part of keeping up with maintenance and our cleaning services cover everything from exterior surfaces to apartments to offices to garages and everything in between. Our cleaning contractors are experts in all kinds of cleaning tasks and they can easily take care of any cleaning project that you have.

Property management and maintenance services may seem like two sides of the same coin. Even though they’re both essential for preserving and enhancing the property income and value, they are 2 different things. Whether you manage residential, student housing, or commercial properties, property maintenance services refer to activities involved in the upkeep of your property. United PM Services can be your Property maintenance department.

Property maintenance is essential in keeping your rental properties in good condition. There are routine property maintenance tasks that are critical and have to be taken care of. Property Management companies wise and reasonable investment in a good property maintenance program will help improve their profits, preserve their good reputation, save time, and reduce hassles. You have every reason to invest in property maintenance services.

Schedule Routine Maintenance! We also have commercial maintenance services focused on windows and doors, hardware, cabinets and cupboards, woodwork and carpentry features, flooring, basic plumbing and electrical, lawn care and more.

Painting services are essential in any maintenance schedule and if taken care of on a regular basis the cost and the size of the job never get out of control. Repairs, touch-ups, and additional layers of same-color paint can make a big difference in the longevity of a painted surface.

These are just a few examples of the commercial maintenance services that we offer. For more information, contact our maintenance contractors to learn how we can keep your property looking and working great.

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