Who We Are

Who We Are

Here at United PM Services, you will quickly see that we are many things. It’s not enough to say that we are home and commercial maintenance and repair specialists, because we are so much more than that. We have a strong team of professional and experienced contractors specializing in a wide range of maintenance and repair applications, allowing us to take on many helpful roles. As part of our comprehensive services, we act as home improvement consultants, home repair professionals, and property maintenance professionals.

As home improvement consultants, we can come to your home and assist you in creating a plan that is right for your vision and wallet at the same time. Home improvements can be range from inexpensive, quick, and simple tasks to complex affairs that cost a pretty penny. A home improvement consultant can make sure that you don’t spend a dime too much while still finding ways to give you what you want. There are many factors that go into consulting work, including design and material choices, maintenance and sustainability considerations, and of course, cost.

Our property maintenance professionals and our home repair professionals are also invaluable to our team. Many of our services are focused on maintenance and repair in a variety of settings, and our contractors are always ready to help.

United PM Services offers property maintenance and repair services for homeowners, landlords and tenants, private residential properties, commercial real estate properties, merchants, shop keepers, and retail store owners, government facilities, health care, food services, and much more.

Bill Wallace - United PM ServicesMy father is a general contractor. I grew up in his world, as a kid I use to love working with my father. Building has become my life. It’s an honor to be able to do this and be trusted with the home improvement of someone’s home remodeling.

My father is a great guy and I’d always looked forward when I grew up to follow in his footsteps. I enjoy standing back at the end of the day and see what I have accomplished, most of all enjoy the look of joy and appreciation on the homeowner face, that’s the most satisfying thing.

What can I say, I love a challenge! After 35 years in the business, I have found most clients complain about no one calling them back or show up on time or get the job done right. When I say it’ll be done, it will be done.

Bottom line is that my father raised me to be a man of my word because your livelihood and your business depend on it. When I say it’s done, It’s done! We are a family owned business and have a vested interest in having a good relationship with the people I do business with and doing an exceptional job and keeping the homeowner being happy so he’ll be with us for the long run.
I go out of my way every day to accommodate every reasonable request.

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